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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I will start by saying that I'm one of those mothers who NEVER leave their children. I would rather spend a night snuggled on the couch with my husband and kids than finding a babysitter and going out. Unfortunately, it's gotten to the point where it's been almost 2 years since Steve and I have been out alone :(.  So Saturday night was the night.  We went to dinner with three of my best friends from high school and then out for drinks.  We left at 7pm and lasted until 1:30!! It was so much fun.  Steve and I really re-connected and had adult conversations.......rather than "Honey, throw me a diaper or Did Lily poop today?".  We danced and kissed without a 1 year old poking me in the face. It was a much needed night and I definitely need to schedule more date nights in the future.  The kids were even good for the babysitter.  I had a vision of Lily tying up the babysitter and then ripping the house to shreds.  She played like a good girl and was in bed by 9pm. I was so tired on Sunday but it was definitely worth it. Hopefully we will plan this again soon rather than waiting 2 more years :).

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  1. Hi,

    found your blog through Adventures with Triangles. My oldest was born with a neuromuscular clubfoot (nerve damage). It is a different then a regular clubfoot so treatment is still ongoing even though he is now 8, but alot of the stuff is the same.

    Would you mind if I added your blog to my foot blog list? If that is ok, pop by my blog and let me know.

    Also, I read through some of your older posts and had to tell you that my two boys are 15 m apart. It was a surprise to us after going through three years of fertility treatments and three losses to wind up pregnant again naturally! I had a lot of the fears as you did about bringing #2 into the family so soon, but honestly, it has been the best thing ever. My two are the best of friends (and on bad days the worst of enemies). I can't imagine it any other way. It is a lot of hard work for the first year or two, but then, it is so worth it.