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This blog is a way keep everyone updated on the Miller's. The blog will take you through normal everyday life along with our clubfoot journey.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Knox's 1st Birthday!!

It's official, he's now a toddler :( Knox had a wonderful birthday over the weekend.  We had a small party with family and friends.  He was a cake eating machine!!

Knox has officially started walking.  He will take 5-6 steps and then usually plops down and crawls the rest of the way.  My biggest concern when finding out about clubfoot was "Will he ever walk?".  If I only knew then that he would be taking steps at 11 mos old.  We will fly to Iowa here in 2 weeks for our checkup but I have a feeling that Dr. M will be very pleased.

Knox now says Mama, Dada, Dog, and Baba.  He also loves to screech and tends to randomly yell "Bah".........all the time!

Now for some pics:

...........................and a few of the goofy girl!!