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This blog is a way keep everyone updated on the Miller's. The blog will take you through normal everyday life along with our clubfoot journey.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

One month to go!!

One month to go until Knox can go down in hours with his shoes. YAY!! I can't believe that 2 mos have already went by.  Knox is doing wonderful and his feet look really good.  We are religious in keeping with the "plan" and only having Knox's shoes off for an hour a day.  It's sad to put them back on because he just kicks and kicks when he's free.  His left foot (which was the worse of the two) had rubbed a sore on the top of his foot where the middle strap crosses.  We have been putting molefoam on the sore for almost a month and it has finally healed up. We head back to Iowa on March 24 when we should be able to go down to wearing the shoes 14-16hrs a day (naps/bedtime). Now on to a few pics of my big boy!!


  1. I used to treasure that hour out a day. Was also nice not to get kicked with a big bar for an hour too!

    I know right now it doesn't seem like it, but there will a time when you barely remember the times in the bar. :)

  2. Love the pics! Can't wait for more freedom from the bar! I swear I just love his little cap!