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Friday, January 21, 2011


When Lily was 5 months old, we found out that we were expecting again.  We weren't trying but we weren't really preventing either. I was flooded with emotions during the weeks following us finding out.  Was I taking away Lily's babyhood?  Would I be able to handle 2 kids under 2?  Would our marriage stay strong while dealing with 2 kids? Then when we found out that our little boy would be born with clubfoot, it threw so many more emotions into play.  Would Lily love her brother even if he was not perfect?  Would we love our little boy even though he wasn't perfect?  I felt sad that we were making Lily grow up so fast and couldn't enjoy only HER for a while longer. Once Knox arrived, all bad emotions went out the door.  I felt the same initial love that a mother feels for her child.  He made our family COMPLETE.  Lily took on the big sis role right away.  From day 1 he was her baby.  She loves this little boy more than words can express.  She runs to him with a paci when he is crying.  She rubs his leg (and even sometimes his head) to try to calm him down.  She wants to hold him everyday.  She cries when he cries.  She has never shown any jealousy and even tries to share her food/toys with him (I have to explain that Knox can't eat pizza yet).  She tries to brush his teeth (he has none).  She has that natural maternal instinct.  I was so worried that 2 kids 14mos apart would be too much to handle.  Now I look back and can't remember my life any other way.  Knox adores Lily and smiles ear to ear when she walks in the room. Sometimes he stops crying for her when Steve or I can't comfort him. The love between a brother and sister is amazing.  I look forward to the years to come and can only hope that they are the BEST of friends. Two kids in diapers, two kids drinking milk, two kids crying at the same time, two kids in carseats, two kids holding hands................I wouldn't have it any other way!

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