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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Early Intervention

At Knox's two month appt., I signed him up for Early Intervention Services. In Ohio, a clubfoot diagnosis automatically qualifies you for services.  Knox has been hitting all milestones on track but I wanted to get him in the system in case he would fall behind (walking, crawling, etc).  The physical therapist met with us today and had her evaluation.  She stated that Knox was 100% on target, if not ahead for his age.  We will not need to see her again for 2 months when she will re-evaluate.  Knox was on his best behvior and was smiling and kicking all around.  Lily was also showing off (mooing like a cow the entire time :( ).  It's always refreshing to know that we are on track and that as parents we are doing everything we should for Knox.  He's also rolling like a champ now..........see pics below!

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