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Friday, June 24, 2011

Picture Timeline

Knox is now 9 mos old!  He has made wonderful progress and is crawling and cruising everywhere.  Here is a picture timeline of our clubfoot progress from birth to now.


1st Set of Casts

After 1st set of casts

After 4th set of casts--ready for tenotomy

After 4th set of casts--ready for tenotomy (feet were not fully corrected but dr. insisted on doing tenotomy)

Tenotomy Casts (surgery completed too early and did not acheive the maximum results)

Rocker foot caused from incorrect castings--I demanded no more casts from Dr. Kean at Nationwide Children's Hospital (Columbus, OH).  We made an appt to head to Iowa 4 days later.

1st trip to Iowa

1st meeting with Dr. Morcuende.  Dr. M confirmed that we were casted incorrectly in Columbus and that he caused Knox to become a "Complex" clubfoot case along with a rocker foot.

1st set of casts in Iowa

Christmas in casts

After 1st set of casts in Iowa--looking better!

After 2nd set of casts in Iowa

2rd set of casts in Iowa

After 3rd set of casts in Iowa

After 3rd set of casts in Iowa

Good lookin feet! (After 3rd set of casts in Iowa)

4th set of casts from Iowa--just waiting on shoes/bar to be shipped to us

Ready for shoes/bar

Ready for shoes/bar--No more rocker foot

1st time in shoes--tuckered out!

1 week in shoes/bar 23/7

2mos in shoes/bar 23/7

Rolling with brace on!

After 3 mos in braces 23/7 we go for follow up appt in Iowa--graduated to naps/bedtime wear only

8mos old--started crawling

Momma and her babies!

Sibling love

9 mos old.......with a big boo boo on his head :(

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  1. Wow his feet look great! Forehead... not so much. lol